Sunday Morning Service

If you are unable to be with us in person, each Sunday at 9:30 AM we will be livestreaming our Sunday morning service on our Facebook page.
This will allow you, whether you have a Facebook account or not, to watch the livestream of our service at 9:30 AM Sunday.
Once the livestream is over, the video will remain on our Facebook page for viewing at your convenience.
Older videos will be removed from our website, but still can be found on our Facebook page and YouTube
To access our Weekly Bulletin please visit our Bulletin webpage here:

October 9, 2022
Mission’s Conference
Frank Roe
Crossworld Canada

We will be livestreaming on our Facebook page Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  The video will remain available there and later will be uploaded to YouTube and here on our website.

October 2, 2022
Mission’s Conference
John-Mark Sheppard
(SIM: Liberia)

This week’s video was removed from social media.  If you are a regular attender of McCoy or regularly watch our livestream and would like to watch the service from this Sunday, please contact the church office. 

September 25, 2022
Pastor Ray Laborde
“Money Matters & Missions”
Matthew 25:14-30

09-25-22 Missionary Message Notes Doc
09-25-22 Missionary Message Notes PDF
09-25-22 Missionary Message PDF Slides

September 18, 2022
Pastor Ray Laborde
“And They Returned Home”
Acts 21:5-6

09-18-22 Missionary Message Notes Doc
09-18-22 Missionary Message Notes PDF
09-18-22 Missionary Message PDF Slides

September 11, 2022
Pastor Ray Laborde
“In the Shadow of the Cross”
John 12:23-36

09-11-22 Gospel of John Notes Doc
09-11-22 Gospel of John Notes PDF
09-15-22 Gospel of John PDF Slides

September 4, 2022
Pastor Ray Laborde
“The Healing of the Royal Official’s Son”
John 4:43-54

09-04-22 Gospel of John Notes Doc
09-04-22 Gospel of John Notes PDF
09-04-22 Gospel of John PDF Slides