Sunday Morning Service

If you are unable to be with us in person, each Sunday at 9:30 AM we will be livestreaming our Sunday morning service on our Facebook page.
This will allow you, whether you have a Facebook account or not, to watch the livestream of our service at 9:30 AM Sunday.
Once the livestream is over, the video will remain on our Facebook page for viewing at your convenience.
Older videos will be removed from our website, but still can be found on our Facebook page and YouTube
To access our Weekly Bulletin please visit our Bulletin webpage here:

March 3, 2024

Interim Pastor Mike Eddy
“Paul’s Concern” Part 2
Galatians 5:7-12
03-03-24 PDF Slides


We will be livestreaming on our Facebook page on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  The video will remain available there and later will be uploaded to YouTube and here on our website.

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February 25, 2024

SPA Ministries

February 18, 2024

Interim Pastor Mike Eddy
“Freedom in Christ”
Galatians 5:1-6
02-18-24 PDF Slides

February 11, 2024

Interim Pastor Mike Eddy

“Paul’s Concern”
Galatians 4:8-20

02-11-24 PDF Slides

February 4, 2024

Interim Pastor Mike Eddy
“Sons of God”
Galatians 3:26-4:7
02-04-24 PDF Slides


January  28, 2024

Interim Pastor Mike Eddy
“Law and Promises”
Galatians 3:15-22
01-28-24 PDF Slides