Pastoral Transition

After nearly 33 years of ministry at McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, Pastor Ray Laborde will be retiring on August 27th.  

Following are two links for letters outlining what was said by Pastor Ray on Sunday 3/5 as well as Mark Anderson; chairman of our Deacon Board.  

Pastoral Transition – Pastor Ray
Pastoral Transition – Chairman Mark 

3-5-23 Pastoral Transition
Pastor Ray announces his retirement. 

“The Patmos Vision of Christ Glorified”
Revelation 1:9-20

 3-12-23 Pastoral Transition
Presentation of IPM

(Interim Pastor Ministries)

Pastor Ray’s IPM Presentation Notes

Transition Questions & Answers

3-19-23 Pastoral Transition

What to Expect
by Steve & Becky Swope

What to Expect Notes

3-26-23 Pastoral Transition

Congregational Questions
& Answer Session

8-6-23 Pastoral Transition Vote


Pastor Mike Eddy; Pastoral Intern Candidate spoke on Sun. July 30th.

On Sun., Aug. 6th, we had a congregational meeting.
There was one item on the agenda and that item was whether to call Mike Eddy (sent to us from Interim Pastor Ministries) to serve as our Intentional Interim Pastor.
The vote was a solid 94% “yes” vote. The vote was by paper ballot, and there were 113 voting members present (106 voted “yes” and 7 voted “no”).

 Mike & Natalie Eddy have accepted this position.
At this time,  the  thought is that is Mike and Natalie will arrive sometime in September, but details are still being worked out.

Pastor Ray’s Last Sunday


Celebration Sunday
Saying goodbye to Pastor Ray & Nancy

10-1-23 Interim Pastor Mike’s First Sunday