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Sunday Morning Service & Class Videos

including Teaching Notes

* Please click on the link below to be taken to the corresponding page for the videos and notes for each class.
* If you would like to view or download a copy of our weekly bulletin, please visit Weekly Bulletins.

Sunday Morning Services


Wednesday Night Romans Class


Legacy Sunday School Class


Lamplighter Sunday School Class


Cornerstone Sunday School Class


4 Responses to “Sermons & Classes”

  1. gerald and shirley devore says:

    It “went over” great: we thought we were actually in class. Thank you so much for making this available to us. Inasmuch as we have changed e-mail address Lillian has been keeping us to date on your mailings. PS I sent for “A Better Country” and am loving it. Want to get some more copies to give away.
    Your teaching is indeed a blessing to us. sincerely, shirley devore

  2. dave b says:

    wonderful! especially section 4. So much to challenge me
    thank you

  3. Sandra Willis says:

    What a blessing these videos are. Thank you so much for doing these!

  4. Robin Vicary says:

    God bless you all for keeping us updated and informed as your are!!! Love everything you’re doing and am praying for everyone!

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