MMBC Upcoming Events

Each week, we will be updating the upcoming events listing.  
Check back regularly for any new events which might be coming up.
* Sun.: 5:00 PM RUSH 
* Mon.: 6:30 PM Ladies’ Bible Study
          7:00 PM Pathfinder Bible Study
* Wed.: 10:30 AM Prayer Meeting
          5:30 PM Meal
          6:00 PM Jr. High WOL
          6:15 PM WOL Olympian & Gopher Buddies
          6:50 PM Wednesday Night Class: Hebrews
* Thurs.: 6:30 PM Cardio Drumming
* Fri.: Ladies Night Out, Dinner & a Play


** Dates for your Calendar **
* Sun. Sept. 22:Birthday –Anniversary Fellowship Breakfast Buffet{Please sign up to bring food!}
* Fri.-Sun. Sept. 27-29: Ladies Retreat {Speaker: Jeannie Vogel}
* Sat. Sept. 28: Ken Medema concert on Sept. 28 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at Beulah Missionary Church.  The tickets cost $20 for one or $40 for two or a family. All proceeds will be to purchase SonSet radios for distribution in Africa. 
* Thurs. Oct. 31: Trunk-n-Treat
** Each Wednesday during the Summer:
6:30 RUSH Summer Bible Study
7:00 PM Prayer Meeting 

** Year round: 

Each Thursday:
 6:30 PM Cardio Drumming
** During the school year: 
Each Wednesday: 10:30 AM Prayer Meeting                                                                                         5:30 PM Meal                                                                    
                                 6:00 PM Jr. High WOL                                                                                               6:20 PM WOL Olympian & Gopher Buddies
Each Sunday: 5:15 PM RUSH
Each Monday: Pathfinders Bible Study