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MMBC Church Directory

If you are a regular attender of McCoy Memorial Baptist Church and would like to have access to or download a pdf version of our church directory, you can download it from the link below.  However, it is password protected so in order to download it, first you will have to e-mail Kristi at secretary@mccoybaptist.org to get the password.

MMBC Photo Directory App

Please note, the photo directory app is completely separate from the McCoy App download here: 


Remember at this point we have two completely separate directories. 

(An informational directory, and a photo only directory.)


Photos for our last photo directory were taken in the fall of 2013 and a lot of things have changed in the past 2 years.  Did you know that is very easy to update your photo? When updating the photo it will automatically be updated in the photo directory app and the online photo directory.  If you have had a new family photo taken since the last photo directory was created, all you need to do is send your photo to me and I can simply add it and it will automatically update the program and app.
(or I can send you a specific link and you can upload your own.)


To access the online photo directory: https://members.instantchurchdirectory.com/

To download the photo directory app which is available for Apple, Android or Kindle devices, follow the directions below.  
The photo directory at this point is a PHOTO ONLY DIRECTORY which means I have not entered much other information into it except photos & names. So even if you know that I have your e-mail address on file in our church database, it is NOT in this online photo directory unless you have previously asked me to add it.  This is completely separate from the informational directory. 
  • If you want access to the app so you can have it on your cell, iPad, other tablet, Kindle, etc. or have access to the online photo directory, you HAVE TO E-MAIL or text me to let me know you would like me to add your e-mail to the online directory.  Once I have added your e-mail to the online directory I will e-mail or text you back to let you know it has been added.  You can then proceed to download the app or access the online photo directory. Search the app store for “Instant Church Directory” or download from the link provided above.
  • Once the app has downloaded and you open it, it will ask you for your e-mail address.  Enter the e-mail address that you asked me to add to the online directory. (You will need to do this for each devise which the app is installed.)
  • The app will then generate an e-mail with a password.  Once you have that password, go back and open the app and put in the password you were sent. 
  • The app will open and you WILL NOT have to put the password in again.  It is simply generated to be sure that the person who is requesting access is in our directory and does indeed have permission to access it.