Missions Trip to Bemidji, MN

Camp Oak Hills – Bemidji, MN
July 14-20

The Camp Oak Hills Mission Trip is beginning to take shape. The work team will leave early morning on Sunday, July 14th and return late Saturday, July 20th. During the week the team will split up into teams in order to help complete various work and construction projects around the camp.

The team will focus on four major projects. The first is a general storm cleanup. This project will focus on logging hundreds of trees that blew over in a storm last summer. Some of these logs will be saved for milling into lumber and others will be cut and split for firewood. The second and third projects will focus on finishing two recently constructed buildings. The work needed for these buildings will include electrical (outlets and lighting), insulation, hanging drywall, painting and other miscellaneous finishing work. The fourth project will focus on replacing the roof on the camp’s offices.

Please be in prayer for this trip as Camp Oak Hills and the leadership at McCoy begin planning and preparing. There are many details that need to be finalized before the team leaves. Also be in prayer for Camp Oak Hills as they are beginning their camping season. They share the gospel and disciple hundreds of children and families throughout the summer camping season. And please continue to pray for the individuals who will be traveling and working on this team.


Team Participants

Anina Anderson Greg Hakala Lori Ravenscroft
David Anderson Brenda Hakala Corey Salmon
Emily Anderson Jeremy Hewitt Austin Springer
Jean Anderson Joanna Hewitt Bob Weaver
John Anderson Brock Jordan Daniel Weaver
John R. Anderson Christopher Kocher Hannah Weaver
Jon Anderson Heather Kocher Jacob Weaver
Steve Arko Ben Kort Dave Willis
Bryce Ergle Kip Ravenscroft Carl Walter